Products from our land

Our KM 0 products

We have a selection of black truffles, apricots, tomatoes and pumpkins available for purchase. We are happy to offer you fresh, high-quality products directly from our farm.

Black truffle

Our black truffles are harvested locally and have an intense, aromatic flavour.

They are perfect for enriching your dishes with a touch of luxury.


Our apricots are grown on our farm and are harvested when they are ripe and sweet.

They are ideal for consuming them fresh or for preparing jams and desserts.

Our pumpkins

Our pumpkins are carefully grown and are perfect for making soups, purees or autumn desserts.

We have several varieties available, each with their own unique characteristics.

Our tomatoes

Our tomatoes are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

They have an authentic flavor and are excellent for making sauces, gravies or for eating raw in salads.

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